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Chasing the Pirates Gold

St. Lucie County Fairgrounds

5202 Peacock Rd.

Fort Pierce, FL

Team Event

Put together a team of up to 5 dogs participating at the Pirate Cluster.  Keep track of all the events you and your teammates participate in during the Pirate Cluster.  The more events entered, the more points for your team.  Points will be awarded for event entries and/or qualifying scores (see below for point eligibility).  Team points can be accumulated from Thursday thru Saturday during the Pirate Cluster.  The team with the most accumulated points will be announced Sunday.  Please pick a pirate theme team name.


Enter online or at the Pirate Cluster.  Regular entry must be made no later than 10:00am on Friday at the Pirate Cluster.


Early Bird Entry is $100 per team (until October 3 @ 8pm)    Regular Entry is $125 per team


Winning Team takes home 50% of the Team Competition Funds.  The remaining 50% will be donated to the AKC Agility Junior Team.

The following events are eligible for points:


  • 1 point per class entered

  • 2 points per qualifying score

  • 1 point for Ring Rental (15 mins)

Dock Diving

  • 1 point for each qualifying splash

  • 1 point for Air Retrieve (qualifying)

  • 1 point for Hydrodash (qualifying)

Barn Hunt

  • 1 point for each class entered

  • 2 points for qualifying score

Fast CAT

  • 2 points per run (qualifying)

Farm Dog

  • 2 points per qualifying score/per test

Up Dog

  • 1 point per event entered


  • 1 point per title earned

**Registration is not complete until entry payment is received.
**No refunds - Thank you for donating to the AKC Junior Team
**Printed team score cards will also be available at the agility ribbon table
**Questions??? email Jen Young -
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