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Treasure Coast Kennel Club - Aggressive Dog Policy

The Treasure Coast Kennel Club strives to provide obedience training and socialization in order that dogs will be welcome members of the community and might distinguish themselves and their breed as companions, service or working dogs. The club recognizes that it is the dog owner’s responsibility to train and care for their dog.While training using positive reinforcement and motivational techniques has significant benefits for most dogs, there are a few dogs whose training needs go beyond the scope of the classes offered by this club. For those few, the club’s training environment may not be appropriate to meet the needs of dog and owner.


A dog may be considered aggressive if it attempts or repeatedly attempts actions which may be potentially harmful or dangerous to persons or other animals. Such actions might be, but are not limited to , snapping, growling, barring teeth, charging or lunging, raising hackles or biting.


  1. Any person who believes that he has experienced or witnessed an act of dog aggression at the TCKC training site or at an TCKC activity may make a written report which must be signed, dated and presented to the class instructor, training coordinator or club president. Each incident will be reviewed by the board with the instructor and training coordinator within 30 days. The dog is automatically suspended from further classes until after the review and the board, instructor and training coordinator determine any further action.

  2. Any dog that behaves in an aggressive manner may be will be excused from class for the day and removed from the premises. The instructor ALWAYS has the right to request that the handler remove a dog or may recommend other appropriate action.

  3. The owner/handler may request in writing a reassessment by the TCKC Board following a change in the dog’s circumstances. The changes may be neutering, private training or environmental. The Board will act on such request within 30 days.

  4. The training coordinator and instructor will assist the owner/handler in finding appropriate solutions to aggressive dog situations.

  5. Full or partial refunds of class fees will be determined by the board.

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