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Star Bright 4H Obedience

Star Bright 4-H Obedience is for all kids who love dogs and want to learn how to work with them. It is about teaching children to be responsible dog owners as well as to become good dog trainers. This club is designed to help kids learn how to become organized, set goals, keep track of cost of their pets, meet requirements to participate in county, state, or national 4-H events, and teach their pets obedience and conformation skills.


Under the guidance of caring adults, the children will be encouraged to grow by developing their personal skills, such as how to be a graceful winner or a good loser. They will learn how to be a part of a team and, given the opportunity, to practice their leadership skills. They will learn to care about their community as a whole by doing community projects such as raising money for the American Heart Association, the local animal shelter and helping out at local dog shows.


Please be sure you have read, and abide by our Aggressive Dog Policy prior to registering for this course. 

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