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Treasure Coast Kennel Club

ATT Prep Class

TCKC is holding a one time ATT prep class, a couple of weeks before the actual trials, to help prepare you and your dog to take the ATT.  The class will introduce you and your dog to the test items that will be used during the test, and what to expect during the test.  

Where: TCKC Club House

When: Friday, Jan 3, 2020

Instructors: Jen Young and Alison Martz

Time: 6:00pm

Cost: $15/dog


Please note:

- ATT trial entry forms can be hand delivered during the prep class. 

- This class is not a required in order to participate in an ATT Trial.  It is only being offered to help anyone wanting to learn more about the test, get questions answered, and introduce you and your dog to the testing materials.

- You can take this prep class without entering an ATT trial.

- For more ATT information visit the AKC website:

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