Treasure Coast Kennel Club
Annual Awards Application

Application Due by March 1, 2022

All applicants for any award must be a member in good standing for the entire award year and have attended at least three meetings during the award year or was actively involved in club activities.  As we are an AKC licensed club, all titles must have been earned at official AKC events.


Any qualified applicant whose dog received an AKC title (performance or conformation) on their dog during the year 2021 and wishes the club to recognize that achievement with an award, please fill out the following application.


Note: If your dog received more than one title in any performance event, you will receive one award recognizing all titles earned. 

***If you have more than one dog/applicant please use a separate awards application.

Membership Awards

**Awarded to the person who gets the most nominations for the hardest working member

**Awarded to the person who gets the most nominations for sportsmanship

****Nominations for the George Finnie Award and Good Sportsmanship Award are both required in order to continue to the "Next Page" and submit your application

****After submitting the above information, click "Next Page" and you will be directed to TCKC's Performance Awards Page

****One application per dog