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Agility Ring Rental
Treasure Coast Kennel Club
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October 10, 2024

Adam's Arena

St. Lucie County Fairgrounds

5202 Peacock Rd.

Fort Pierce, FL

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Pre-registration ONLY

  • Registration opens Tuesday, August 1 at 8am

  • Registration closes on Monday, October 9, 2023 at 6pm

  • NO day of sign-ups, even if there is space available.

  • $11 for each 5 minute time slot

  • Maximum of 3 time slots (15 mins) for one person (must be in a row)

  • An invoice for payment will be sent once registration is received and reviewed.

  • Once payment is received, your time slot(s) will be assigned

  • Time slots are first come, first serve and be assigned after payment is received.

Ring Rental Registration

Ring Rules:

  • Toys are allowed in the ring

  • Food is NOT allowed in the ring

  • Multiple dogs (all from the same household) can be worked during the allotted time slot(s).  If you plan to work multiple dogs, it is recommended to purchase multiple time slots (up to 3 consecutive per person)

  • Only one dog in each ring is permitted to be off leash/loose at a time.

  • Please potty your dog(s) before entering the ring.   If a dog fouls the ring, your ring time will be forfeited.

  • Please be on-time for your allotted time slot(s). 

  • Please leave the ring on-time when your allotted time is done.

  • There won't be any ring crew.  You are responsible for setting your own bars.

  • Dogs working in the ring must be a minimum of 15 months old, and must be able to safely navigate all obstacles.

  • There will be a standard course set in ring #1, and a Time 2 Beat course set in ring #2.

  • Please do not move equipment.

  • You may choose to run the course as numbered, or just work specific sequences or obstacles.

  • A course map will be posted at the entrance gate of the ring.

  • Time slots are from 9:00am - 4:00pm

  • Please read all information before emailing.

  • Questions can be directed to Jen Young

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